Consulting and Seminars

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Comp|EDGE Training offers consultation services to improve your facility and seminars to increase your staff and members’ knowledge.  Tony Cowden has
been involved in CrossFit since 2004 and founded CrossFit Wilmington in 2008.  With a membership that peaked at over 400, CrossFit Wilmington has been
one of the largest CrossFit affiliates in the world since 2010.  Under his coaching and management, CrossFit Wilmington sent 17 different athletes to
The CrossFit Games and developed a reputation worldwide for being one of the most technically proficient gyms and  producing some of the strongest athletes
in the sport…  especially its females.  CFW Monsters, they were affectionately referred.

Over the last eight years, Tony has helped more than 50 gyms and CrossFit Affiliates set up new facilities and become successful.

From increasing your social media engagement and website reach to gym layout, mindset and the psychology of success, to nutrition and lifting.  Comp|EDGE Training’s
seminars and consulting services will improve your fitness facility and make your gym the powerhouse it can be.

For more information on how to set your consult or a seminar at your facility, contact us.

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