Long Range Hunter


Only 5 spots available for this course.

Saturday, March 24th
Wilmington, NC
2020 Capital Drive

Attendees will learn the variables of the long range equation and the skills required to hunt at ranges average shooters consider beyond ethical. The course will thoroughly cover equipment set up and capabilities, fundamentals of marksmanship, ballistics, and atmospherics. Shooters will learn to quickly set up their firing position, determine wind speed and direction, range estimation, and confidently engage targets at the practical limits of their rifle, caliber and optic combination. For most hunters this is 450-600 yards. Once we have established that confidence with each shooter, we will move back to 700, 800, or further (time permitting) for the fun of it and ultimately end the day with shots at the end of legal light. After this course, students will know their capabilities per their equipment and leave with an understanding how to conduct their own training and be prepared to shoot further for this fall's hunt.

Required Equipment:
Rifle of at least .243 caliber
Quality optic of at least 6x power magnification
150 rounds ammunition (we HIGHLY recommend Hornady ELDx Precision Hunter Ammunition)
Eye and ear protection
Applied Ballistics app uploaded to phone
Shooting mat
Front and rear bag
Adjustable Sling
Cleaning kit w/ lubricant, powder solvent, rod, nylon brush, patch tip and patches
Pen and/or pencil
Lunch & Dinner
Snacks for during the day
Sunscreen/bug repellent

Nice to have equipment:
Laser Range Finder capable of ranging nonreflective targets to 600m
Optic with adjustable turrets (mil or moa)
Shooting tripod
Folding Chair
Kestral 5700 ballistics calculator

If you are unsure about any requirement or have any other questions about the course, please email us via the contact page or PM us on Facebook.

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